Filter Cloth With High Strength

- Apr 10, 2019-

729 filter cloth with high strength, elongation is small, Filter Cloth resistant to strong acid, weak base, long life, good ventilation, high dust collection, easy to clean, dust removal efficiency of up to 98.99%.

208 filter cloth with good ventilation performance, high efficiency dust, and a certain acid, alkali and heat resistance, the use of multilateral brushed, Filter Cloth to improve the fabric thickness, flexibility, dust rate of 99.9%.

 729 dust filter bag is made of polyester staple fiber as the raw material of the woven cloth, widely used in cement mill ball mill casting machine with a high strength, elongation is small, strong acid, weak base, the service life is generally glass Fiber fabric 4-6 times, Filter Cloth a good permeability, high dust collection rate, capacity cleaning, dust removal efficiency can be over 98.99%. 729 filter cloth products with high dust removal efficiency, low initial starting resistance, good ventilation and ventilation performance, Filter Cloth not easy to clean the board, seamless mouth, no cracking, strength, wear, heat, Filter Cloth acid, alkali and other excellent performance. 729 filter cloth is based on chemical, metallurgical, food processing and other industries developed. Filter Cloth To meet the industry dust collection process requirements, Filter Cloth effectively improve the recycling efficiency.

1, the starting resistance: 98.8% than glass fiber cloth increased 19.6% in operation up to 99.6%;

2, the initial resistance: 4.5mmH2O (0.62L / s. Square centimeters), lower than the 10% 10;

3, the top break degree: 1200-1400N than 208 to improve 10-20%;

4, wear degree: 570 times than 208 times increased 16.5-28.3%;

5, heat shrinkage heat: 2-4%;

6, temperature: continuous use of 140-160 ℃, the maximum does not exceed 180 ℃ (dry heat

7, acid resistance: 35% hydrochloric acid, 75% sulfuric acid, 60% nitric acid has no effect on its strength;

8, alkali resistance: 10% sodium acid solution, 28% ammonia in its strength has no effect.

Filter is an indispensable part of our processing workshop process, but in recent years the frequency of replacement of filter cloth increased year by year. The reason, Filter Cloth found that the filter cloth once the discount is not timely treatment, for a long time will cause serious wear and tear cloth, and then replace the filter cloth, each replacement of a filter cloth, Filter Cloth takes 2 to 4 hours, this time not only caused the material with Into the speed, to follow-up production to bring a certain impact, but also caused the staff to increase the emphasis on labor.