Filter Filter Technical Parameters

- Nov 16, 2018-

Model performance parameters

Filter area (m2) Filter plate Dimensions (mm) Filter plate thickness (mm) Filter cake thickness (mm) Number of filter chambers (unit) Filter chamber theoretical volume (L), (m3) Overall machine dimensions (length × width × High) (mm) installation base size (mm) filter chamber working pressure (MPa) motor power (KW) machine weight (KG) filter plate performance filter plate structure: plate frame, box filter plate.

Filter plate material: stainless steel, cast iron, rubber, reinforced polypropylene (plastic), polymer PE and so on.

Other properties: acid and alkali resistance, filtration temperature (°C), filtration pressure (MPa).

Functional configuration

Manual compression, motor compression, automatic hydraulic compression, automatic pressure holding, electrical control / computer program control, automatic pull plate, automatic liquid connection flap.

Feeding method

Medium feed, or angular feed, medium and upper feed.

Clear effluent, dark effluent.