Filter Plate Key Device

- Mar 29, 2019-

Filter plate is a key device in the water treatment process, in the filter to play the filter layer filter and backwash water (gas) dual role. The quality of the filter plate (especially the smoothness and accuracy of the filter plate) is directly related to the water plant, sewage treatment plant water quality, water and long-term operation. The traditional filter water distribution system filter and backwash when the resistance, water distribution is not uniform, more than the dead water, the filter is easy to compaction, mud, while the local flushing strength caused by the support layer loosening, leakage and other adverse consequences


Installation requirements


The accuracy of the horizontal installation of the filter plate is high, and its important basis is the accuracy of the positioning of the stainless steel parts used in the whole pool of the filter beam and the embedded riveting plate. Therefore, the leveling of the filter beam requires horizontal line and must be equipped with high standard Metal molds and skilled manufacturing technology, in order to ensure the smoothness of the filter beam, flat leveling, and then install the filter plate.


1, according to the requirements of the design drawings for construction, a single pool surface level error greater than ± 2mm, the grid filter height error is not greater than ± 5mm;


2, filter plate joints do not leak, do not leak, can withstand the pressure of washing;


3, before the laying of the filter plate, with the level of detection beam surface elevation value of the error is less than ± 2mm;


4, filter plate joints with 903 polymer cement mortar for embedded and filled, caulking in the wet environment for three days, seven days after put into use;


5, the construction should pay attention to the mortar can not leak into the pool or sealing the filter, after installation, to clean up the filter plate mortar.


Installation check


With the level of detection level, plus plug water detection to close. The success or failure of the installation of the filter plate directly related to the success or failure of gas and water backwashing process. Because compared with the traditional single water rinse process, gas and water backwashing process by gas recoil, it requires a single pool filter plate level error is not greater than ± 2mm, the grid filter height error is not greater than ± 5mm, the only way It will not produce recoil non-uniform lead to sludge agglomeration, affecting water quality and treatment effect.




1). Catalyst Filtration and Separation;


2). Petrochemical high temperature gas filtration, petrochemical plant leaching bed tail gas filtration, catalytic cracking slurry filtration;


3). The purification of high temperature flue gas in metallurgical industry;


4). Other high temperature gas and liquid filtration;


5) petrochemical industry in a variety of high temperature, corrosion solution, catalyst filtration;


6) chemical fiber film industry in a variety of polymer melt filtration purification;


7) filtration of various catalysts in the pharmaceutical industry;


8) for gas distribution, liquidized bed plate material;


9) for high pressure backwashing oil filters;


10) for the filtration of edible oil, beverage and edible a variety of slurry;


11) for the purification of sewage production.