Filter Press Dehydration Application

- Apr 09, 2019-

The pressure filter utilizes a special filter medium to exert certain pressure on the object, which makes the liquid dialysis out of a mechanical equipment, which is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment. Applied to chemical production in the early 18th century, it is still widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, dye, food, brewing, ceramics and environmental protection industries. The filter plate has stable performance, convenient operation, safety and saving power. The metal drum is made of seamless steel tube and plastic strainer. It is high temperature, high pressure and durable.


The structure of filter press is composed of three parts:




The frame is the basic part of the filter press, the ends are the thrust plate and the pressing head, and the two sides of the girder will connect the two together, the girder is used to support the filter plate, the filter box and the compression plate. In order to meet the higher health needs, the frame needs to be covered with stainless steel. The stainless steel technology can be used for reference, and its quality can meet the needs of European customers.


A and thrust plate: it is connected with the support to the end of the press filter on the foundation. The thrust plate of the air filter press is in the middle of the feed


Holes, four corners and four holes, the two corners of the hole are washing liquid or compressed gas inlet, and the next two angles are outlet (undercurrent structure or filtrate outlet).


B. Pressure plate: to press the filter box tightly, the roller on both sides is used to support the compression plate to roll in the rail of the girder.


C. Girder: it is a load-bearing component. According to the requirements of environmental corrosion protection, rigid polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, stainless steel coating or new anticorrosive coating can be selected.


Compaction mechanism


Manual pressure, mechanical pressure, hydraulic pressure.


A, manual compaction: the press plate is pressed tightly with A screw type mechanical jack.


B, mechanical compaction: the pressure mechanism is driven by the motor (equipped with advanced overload protector), gear payment, wire rod and fixation


Nuts are made of nuts. When pressed, the motor is turning, driving the reducer and gear, so that the silk rod is rotated in the fixed silk mother, pushing the press plate and the filter press tightly. When the pressure force is more and more big, the motor load current increases, when the big to protector set current value, maximum clamping force, motor to cut off the power supply, stop running, because of the wire rod and the fixed wire mother have reliable self-locking spiral Angle, can reliably guarantee the state of compression in the process of work, to return, motor reversal, when the weight for the hold-down plate, contact to switch back to stop.


C, hydraulic pressure: the composition of hydraulic pressure actuating mechanism consists of hydraulic station, oil cylinder, piston, piston rod and piston rod and pressure plate


The structure of the hydraulic station of the havelan card is composed of: motor, oil pump, overflow valve (regulating pressure) reversing valve, pressure gauge, oil circuit and fuel tank. Hydraulic pressure mechanical compaction, the hydraulic station for the high pressure oil, oil cylinder and a piston component cavity filled with oil, when the pressure is greater than the pressure plate running friction resistance, pressure plate slow pressure filter plate, when the pressure force to achieve the relief valve set pressure value (by pressure gauge pointer display), filter plate, filter box (plate and frame type) or filter plate (van) is compact and started unloading overflow valve, at this time, to cut off the motor power, compaction action is complete, return, reversing reversing valve, pressure oil into the cylinder rod cavity, when the hydraulic pressure plate can be overcome frictional resistance, pressure plate began to return. Automatic pressure for hydraulic pressure, clamp force is controlled by the electric contact pressure gauge, the gauge of the pointer and UCLA's pointer to set the value of process requirement, when the pressure force reaches a pressure gauge highs, power cut, the oil pump to stop the power supply, oil system due to the possible leakage and leakage cause the loss of compression force, when the lower limit to the pressure gauge pointer, electricity, oil pump start fuel supply, the pressure to reach highs, power cut, oil pump fuel cut-off, such circulation filter materials in the process of guarantee in order to achieve the effect of clamping force.