Filter Press Forming High Quality

- Mar 18, 2019-

The filter is one of the solid-liquid separation equipment. The main girder is a very important load-bearing steel structure on the filter press. The welding quality is high. In addition, because of its structural size, the length is 15 Meters, the width of 0.55 meters, it is easy to produce twisted and other welding deformation, this welding deformation occurs, only 500T hydraulic machine mechanical strong plastic, not only prone to cracks, Filter Press but also increase the cost and reduce efficiency. In this paper, Filter Press according to this phenomenon, through a number of practice, comprehensive analysis, summed up the data for each practice, forming a relatively complete filter press beam welding process and control welding deformation measures to optimize the filter The main beam welding quality, improve the welding production efficiency, reduce welding production costs.

The thickness of the welded joint is required to meet the quality standards of Class II welds. The appearance requirements of the weld surface are the same as those of the weld seam. Filter Press Do not allow non-fused, stomatal, weld, crack and undercut welding defects.

(1) welding method The main girders of the filter press are welded with CO2 gas shielded arc welding, the surface of the submerged arc welding, the other parts of the ribs, the reinforcing plate and so on, and the welding arc welding is used to reduce the Production costs, improve labor efficiency, and high quality welds.

(2) welding position web and cover plate, Filter Press bottom plate of the T-joint welding using the ship welding position, so that the angle welding into flat welding, improve labor efficiency, so that the web and cover the base material can be more effective solution Together, so that both sides of the base metal melting width equal to the weld forming uniform, full. The welding of web and ribbed plate is welded by flat angle welding and corner welding.

(3) Welding material The main material of the filter press is Q345 steel, CO2 gas shielded welding wire used for ER50-6, f1.2mm submerged arc welding wire used for H10Mn2, flux for SJ101, f4mm, electrode arc welding Of the electrode for the J507, f4mm.

(4) Preparation before welding ① The welding area and its 20 mm area on both sides of the rust, oxide, oil and water and other debris clean up until exposed metallic luster. ② electrode should be used before the temperature below 100 ℃ slowly Baked, dried at 350 ~ 400 ℃ for 2 hours, slowly cooled to 100 ℃, and then transferred to the insulation tube for insulation, with the use of; flux before use at 250 ℃ for 2 hours; wire to be removed before use Wire surface rust, oil and other debris. ③ in the welding area, the welding tire frame flat, mat real, and ready to welding equipment.

(5)the shape of the groove on the main beam of the main beam of the web, the lower side (that is, Filter Press with the cover plate, the bottom of the joint) open single-sided shape of the groove, as shown in Figure 1 main purpose is to ensure that the T-joint penetration , Filter Press To improve the accuracy of the main filter combination of filter press, reduce the center offset, reduce welding and not welding and other welding defects (relative to the shape of the joint). After the side of the welding, the other side with gas planing clear roots, until you see the opposite side of the weld, and repair into the groove shape. Its groove angle α = 40 ~ 45 ℃, blunt edge 2 ~ 3mm.