Filter Press Maintenance Matters

- Apr 13, 2019-

Filter machine using a special filter medium, the object to exert a certain pressure, making the liquid out of a mechanical equipment, is a commonly used solid-liquid separation equipment. In the early 18th century on the application of chemical production, is still widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics and environmental protection industries.

The filter plate has the characteristics of stable performance, easy operation, safe, labor-saving; metal cylinder by the seamless steel pipe processing, plastic plate casting molding, high temperature, high pressure, durable.

The structure of the filter press consists of three parts:


The frame is the basic part of the filter press, both ends of the thrust plate and the pressure head, both sides of the beam will be attached to the two together, the beam to support the filter plate, filter box and compression plate. In order to meet the high health needs, the rack needs to be wrapped with stainless steel. Package stainless steel technology can do reference, its quality can meet the needs of European customers.

A, thrust plate: it is connected with the bearing filter press one end is located on the foundation, the chamber filter press the middle of the thrust plate is the feed

Hole, four corners and four holes, the upper corner of the hole is the washing liquid or press gas inlet, the next two corners for the export (undercurrent structure or filtrate outlet)

b, compression plate: used to press the filter plate filter, both sides of the roller to support the compression plate in the beam on the track rolling.

C, beam: is the load-bearing components, according to the use of environmental protection requirements, you can choose rigid PVC, polypropylene, stainless steel coating or new anti-corrosion coating and other coating.

Compression mechanism

Manual compression, mechanical compression, hydraulic compression.

A, manual compression: is a screw-type mechanical jack to push the compression plate will be pressed plate.

B, mechanical compression: compression mechanism by the motor (equipped with advanced overload protector) reducer, gear pay, screw and fixed

Nut composition. When pressed, the motor is turning, driving the reducer, gear to pay, so that the screw in the fixed silk mother in the rotation, pushing the compression plate will filter plate, filter box compression. When the compression force is getting bigger and bigger, the motor load current increases, when the protector set to the current value, to achieve the maximum clamping force, the motor cut off the power, stop turning, because the screw and fixed wire mother is reliable Of the self-locking helix angle, can reliably ensure that the work of the compression state, when returned, the motor reversal, when the compression plate on the briquetting, touch to the trip switch back to stop.

C, hydraulic compression: hydraulic compression mechanism consists of hydraulic station, cylinder, piston, piston rod and piston rod and pressure plate with

The structure of the hydraulic station is: motor, oil pump, relief valve (regulating pressure) valve, pressure gauge, oil, fuel tank. When the pressure is greater than the frictional resistance of the pressing plate, the pressing plate slowly presses the filter plate, and when the pressure is greater than the frictional resistance of the pressing plate, when the pressure is greater than the frictional resistance of the pressing plate, When the pressure is set to the pressure value set by the relief valve (indicated by the pressure gauge pointer), the filter plate, the frame (plate and frame) or the filter plate are pressed and the relief valve starts unloading. , Cut off the motor power supply, pressing the action is completed, when the return valve, the pressure oil into the cylinder of the rod cavity, when the oil pressure to overcome the friction plate compression, the compression plate began to return. Hydraulic pressure for the automatic packing, the compression force is controlled by the electrical contact pressure gauge, the pressure gauge upper limit pointer and lower limit pointer set in the process of the required value, when the pressure reaches the upper limit of the pressure gauge, the power Cut off, the pump to stop the power supply, due to the oil system may produce leakage and leakage caused by the decline in compression force, when down to the lower limit of the pressure gauge pointer, the power is connected, the pump began to supply oil, the pressure reaches the upper limit, the power cut off, The oil pump stops the oil supply, which circulates to achieve the effect of ensuring the compression force during the filtration of the material.

Working principle

The composition of the hydraulic press mechanism of the filter press is composed of a hydraulic station, a cylinder, a piston, a piston rod and a piston rod and a compression plate. The structure of the hydraulic station is a motor, oil pump, relief valve (regulating pressure) To the valve, pressure gauge, oil, fuel tank.

Filtration method: the way the filtrate flow out of the flow filter and undercurrent filter. Bright flow filter, each filter plate below the liquid hole with water Tsui, the filtrate intuitively from the water Tsui out. Underwater filter, each filter plate below the outlet channel hole, a number of filter plate out of the liquid hole into a liquid out of the channel, by the thrust plate below the outlet hole connected to the pipeline discharge.

Washing method: filter cake needs to be washed, sometimes flow one-way washing and two-way washing, dark flow one-way washing and two-way washing

Maintenance matters

l, debugging the normal filter before the feed work, each class before work to the machine for a comprehensive inspection. Hydraulic compression drive parts and gear box must be filled with lubricating oil; hydraulic pressure to check the fuel tank and hydraulic pressure station hydraulic pressure, hydraulic oil is generally replaced once a year, the replacement of the hydraulic system should be done - full cleaning, hydraulic station working pressure Less than the maximum working pressure of the cylinder, but the minimum can not be lower than the filter pressure allowable value, too small will cause a greater leakage, over the General Assembly damage the parts.

2, prohibit the filter plate less than the required number of cases to start work, so as not to damage the parts. Check the filter plate before feeding the situation, filter cloth can not have a folding phenomenon, to prevent the occurrence of greater leakage; unloading cake after the filter plate must be tightly arranged neatly.

3, to be all normal after pressing the filter plate pressure filtration, filtration pressure and filtration temperature must be within the specified range, the filter pressure is too high will cause leakage, filtration temperature is too high plastic filter plate easy to deformation, when the suspension To be uniform. The filter cloth and filter plate must be rinsed clean, do not allow the residue paste in the sealing surface or feed channel, otherwise it will affect the flow of the filter and the filter plate seal, which together due to the filter plate on both sides Pressure imbalance, resulting in deformation of the filter plate damage.

4, the choice of filter cloth must meet the filtration technology requirements of the filter, the new filter cloth should be shaved before the production, opening diameter should be less than the filter plate diameter, matching filter plate hole and plate hole should be relatively concentric, Cloth should be attached to the wall, otherwise it will cause, filter unclear, low filtration rate, cloth tube rupture, fail to achieve the desired purpose of filtering.

5, the filter press in the early filter, the filter is more turbid, when the filter cloth to form a layer of filter cake after the filtrate will become clear. If the filtrate has been turbid or clear mixed, it may be broken cloth or cloth hole and plate hole deviation, this time to close the valve or stop the feed to replace the filter cloth. The filter plate allows a small amount of leakage caused by the capillary phenomenon of the filter cloth.

6, moving the filter plate, the force should be appropriate and appropriate, not collision, beating, so as not to damage the sealing surface and filter wrench. Filter cloth used after a period of time will become hard, performance degradation, for this need to be regularly checked, if found to change the impact of the phenomenon of filtration rate, you can use the corresponding low concentration of weak acid weak alkali for cleaning, filter cloth recovery function, Can not be restored in time to replace.

7, slurry, lotion or compressed air valve, must be operated according to the procedures, can not be enabled at the same time, the diaphragm squeeze when the compressed air pressure can not exceed the filtration pressure.