Filter Press Should Be Replaced Promptly

- Mar 28, 2019-

Check whether the hydraulic system and other equipment in a good working condition; check the pulp tank level is more than 60%; check the first four rounds of the wheel contact with the track evenly, Filter Press move freely; check the traction chain lubrication and tightness; Check whether the two hooks are running synchronously, whether the hook action is flexible and reliable.


Slowly check the feed pressure to the working pressure; Filter Press check the filter cloth on the coal cake is all clean up; to prevent the dry slime clogging filter plate inlet; at any time to observe the filter press and ancillary equipment working conditions.


Often check the hydraulic station oil level and oil quality, Filter Press check the hydraulic cylinder is leaked, if there is oil, should replace the seal.


Often check the filter plate is broken and the headset fixing bolts loose break, if found to have problems, to timely replacement and processing.


When you remove the cake, one should check the filter cloth is damaged, Filter Press such as damage should be replaced; two to check the filter around the seal rubber, such as serious or damaged aging should be replaced.


The sliding track and drive chain of the filter plate should be kept clean and often lubricated to reduce the resistance of the filter plate and to extend the service life of the chain.


In recent years, with China's sewage treatment efforts continue to strengthen, the steady growth of urban sewage treatment scale, China has become a sewage treatment power. Filter Press Sludge as a by-product of sewage treatment, its production also increased, in the environmental protection industry, "new normal", China has promulgated a series of national policies and industry standards, sludge treatment has made clear provisions and Claim. With the policy of good and high growth factors driven, the sludge treatment and disposal industry is expected to break through the bottleneck, into the fast lane. According to the Ministry of Construction, "China Urban Construction Statistical Yearbook" statistics, as of the end of 2014, sewage treatment capacity of 130.87 million tons / day, compared with 2013 rose nearly 5.1%.


Sewage treatment capacity increased year by year, Filter Press the sludge as a by-product of sewage treatment, Filter Press its production also increased, the end of 2014 China's urban sewage treatment capacity of 3827239 million tons, and urban wet sludge production was 21.43 million tons (conservative estimate, According to 10,000 tons of sewage generated 5.6 tons of wet sludge calculation).


Filter press in the early 18th century on the application of chemical production, Filter Press is still widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, dyes, food, brewing, ceramics and environmental protection industries. In recent years, the state of all walks of life environmental protection and resource utilization requirements are increasing, the sludge, waste water, Filter Press waste residue to improve environmental protection, Filter Press vigorously promote energy conservation, emission reduction, clean production, Filter Press green manufacturing, good filter effect of pressure Filter into a necessary choice.