Filter Press The Key Role

1) The flow can not be washed: This form has only one intermediate feed channel, the material from the thrust plate on the feed hole through the feed channel into the filter chamber, Filter Press the filtrate through the filter media from the filter plate outlet discharge. It is suitable for general filtering, with filtering speed, intuitive filtering effect and so on.

2) undercurrent can not wash: This form of filter press in addition to the feed channel, there are liquid channel. The filtrate of each filter plate is discharged together through this channel. Filter Press This form applies to contaminated, toxic, volatile, without washing and other materials.

3) bright flow can be washed: this form in addition to the feed channel, there are into the washing liquid channel. Its filter part and the flow can not wash the same. Filter Press After the filtration is complete, the washing operation is performed.

4) undercurrent can be washed: sub-undercurrent one-way washing and undercurrent two-way cross-washing. This type of filter press and washing liquid and wash stream can be washed the same, Filter Press but the liquid is not the same way. The liquid of each filter plate is discharged together through the discharge channel. Filter Press This form applies to contaminated, toxic, volatile, washing materials.

The choice of filter cloth is very important, in the process of filtering plays a very critical role, filter cloth performance is good or bad, Filter Press directly affect the filtering effect, in order to achieve the ideal filter effect and speed, according to the material particle size, density, Viscosity, chemical composition and filtration process conditions to choose. The user is based on the actual filtering requirements. In the cut filter cloth, the hole spacing, aperture size must be accurate, Filter Press the aperture can not be too small, otherwise it will plug the feed hole; filter cloth nylon button to be evenly arranged, filter cloth to use special tools such as iron iron cutting, Off line.

1) the hydraulic station, electric control cabinet clean, check the hydraulic station tubing installation is correct, the control cabinet wiring is correct, Filter Press and all electrical wiring is correct.

2) the rack, filter plate, clean, check the filter plate arrangement is neat, correct; check the filter cloth installed with or without folding phenomenon, if necessary, need to flatten.

3) Check the feed, washing, hair and other piping and valve configuration is correct and reasonable.

1) often check the work of a variety of instruments, found abnormal repair or replacement in a timely manner.

2) strictly in accordance with the precautions, Filter Press routine maintenance and maintenance, filter press failure maintenance methods related to the operation, Filter Press prohibit all kinds of instruments in the abnormal circumstances of the filter operation.

3) The working pressure of the cylinder is generally about 25Mpa, the maximum pressure of 31.5Mpa pressure test, but it is strictly prohibited for more than 28Mpa long time work, absolutely prohibited in more than 31.5Mpa case work.

1) should be prepared enough filter, gas, Filter Press water, etc., to meet the test conditions.

2) on the filter to be laboratory testing, testing of the user, should be equipped with professional laboratory personnel and the required laboratory equipment and reagents.

3) equipped with maintenance workers 1-2, Filter Press the number of operators.

4) equipped with general tools such as small jacks,Filter Press wrenches, hammers, wire pliers, screwdrivers, pipe clamps, hex wrenches, etc., and with a small amount of oil, Filter Press lubricants, cotton yarn and other auxiliary materials for use.