Filter Press The State Of The Liquid

- Apr 03, 2019-

Pressure Filter Special Pump is a professional pressure filter machine feeding or feed pump. The classification of special pumps for filter presses, the parts of which can be divided into: Carbon steel, FRP, Filter Press lining, stainless steel and so on. According to the structure can be divided into vertical and horizontal two kinds.


The use of the pressure filter pump is characterized by the start of the flow of large head low, to the latter is a small flow of high lift, Filter Press the pump requirements. Special attention should be paid to the installation and use of the feed pump for the filter press.


1, the import and export of pumps should be installed valve and Rubber seismic section (pipe compensator) to facilitate maintenance.


2, in the installation order of the pump, Filter Press we must first install the import and export pipeline, and then fixed the anchor bolts, to prevent the connection to the pump to produce tensile stress, damage machine pump.


3, the export pipeline distance or pressure filter pump installation position is high, should be at the pump exit to install check valve, in case of the exit high-pressure water hammer on the pump to produce destructive and backflow caused by the impeller reversal.


4, pump Import and Export pipeline configuration: In order to reduce pipeline flow resistance, improve the efficiency of pipeline delivery, pump inlet and outlet pipe diameter should be greater than pump inlet and outlet caliber.


5, in order to be more intuitive to see the operation of the pump, the pump should be installed in the export pressure gauge, located in the pump exit the first valve and pump export between the straight section of the pipeline.


6, pump import and export pipeline should be set up gravity support system, pump can not withstand the weight of pipelines.


7. The setting of the backflow tube: The pressure filter pump is under normal working condition, when the pump reaches a certain pressure, the flow rate is less than 30% of the rated flow, the valve must be opened to shunt, so as not only can stabilize the pressure filter press, Filter Press but also to ensure that the pump cavity materials always maintain a certain amount of water liquid state. Otherwise, pressure in the filter press drop, Filter Press the pump cavity material due to pressure, in the role of centrifugal force to dry material, increase the friction between the material and pump, shorten the service life of the pump.