Filter Press Treatment Of Sludge

- Apr 16, 2019-

Sewage treatment plants and sewage treatment plants will certainly produce sludge, the treatment of this sludge can be selected with a belt filter to deal with, so you can reduce the investment of engineering funds, and sludge treatment technology can be divided into 2 kinds of sludge dewatering process and sludge drying process.

Sludge dewatering process characteristics: sludge dewatering process using belt filter press by the impact of sludge load fluctuations is relatively small, and the work is relatively stable, easy to understand the operation and management, the quality requirements of the operator is not very high.

When the sludge treatment equipment is selected, the sludge treatment capacity is a factor that must be considered. And the Internet a lot of sludge plate and frame filter press information, and no clear handling parameters, the purchase of plate frame sludge filter press early, customer inconvenience direct consultation plate and frame filter press suppliers, customers need to follow the existing parameters Calculation. Sludge filter press different types of sludge plate and frame filter press calculation method, the sludge treatment filter filter selection of a popular science.

The belt filter press includes a pressure cooker and two dewatering zones:

1, the pressure of the pulp and paste sewage sludge pumped into the high slot (it first mixed with the polymer coagulant, the sludge in the small suspended particles by polymer agglomerates bridging the role of the formation of rubber-like Larger particles), first into the adjustable compression ratio by the upper and lower net and a number of dehydration roller and its patented seal composed of wedge-shaped pressure cooker, containing a lot of water sludge first in the region by gravity and The pressure generated by the liquid level difference to take off more than 90% of the water, leaving the sludge concentration from 0.5% to 8% or more for the next step pre-pressure dehydration and pressure dehydration to create the conditions.

2, pressure dehydration area

Sludge from the pulp into the pressure dehydration zone, the upper and lower filter cloth began to gradually pressurized, so that sludge extrusion dehydration.

3, pressurized dehydration area

Sludge with the filter cloth moved into the pressurized dehydration zone, in the four rising state between the rollers, according to the wheel diameter from large to small, the pressure from small to gradually increase the configuration, with the upper and lower filter cloth in different Between the rollers due to change the filter up and down the location of the sludge generated by the squeeze force will be sludge.