Graphene Photocatalytic Natural Purification Process For Treatment Of Black And Odorous Water Has Attracted Industry Attention

- Jul 03, 2019-

         Recently, at the seminar of "river length system" technology reserve held in Beijing, the technology of natural purification of black and odorous water by graphene photocatalysis introduced by Jiangyin Jiarun Graphite Photocatalytic Technology Co., Ltd. has attracted attention from all parties. On the same day, Jiangyin Jiarun signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Green Development Alliance to jointly promote this innovative water control technology to be widely used in river regulation in various places, so as to make green mountains and waters return to the motherland as soon as possible.
        Graphene enhanced photocatalytic oxidation network has obvious effect in treating black and odorous water. It can eliminate black and odorous water in a short time without additional energy, chemical agents or biological bacteria. It is a water purification technology with wide application prospects.
        Feng Guanhua, Vice President of Jiangsu Branch of China Academy of Science and Technology Development, said that the graphene visible-light photocatalytic network was made of polypropylene fiber as the base material and loaded with multi-layer graphene photocatalytic material through a unique coating process. It can be used for water purification and air purification, especially for the treatment of urban black and odorous water, and can be toxic to water. The machine decomposes, deodorizes, increases the oxygen content of the water body, is compatible with other treatment technologies, and the material is green and environmentally friendly, and can be recycled.
        At the seminar, experts showed great interest in the technology of photocatalytic oxidation of graphene in Jiarun, Jiangyin, and indicated that the effect was very obvious from the river courses that had been treated by the technology.