Ho Chi Minh City International Wastewater Treatment Exhibition

- Jul 01, 2019-

Ho Chi Minh City International Wastewater Treatment Exhibition, Vietnam

Exhibition introduction

 VIETWATER is an influential brand exhibition in the sewage treatment industry in Southeast Asia.

VIETWATER, the Vietnam Wastewater Treatment Exhibition, is the only exhibition in Vietnam that has been approved by the Vietnam Environmental Protection Industry Center and the Ministry of Environmental Protection Resources of Vietnam and the Busan Municipal Government of South Korea. Every year, government officials from the Ministry of Construction of Vietnam will also attend the opening ceremony and seminars.

Strong professionalism: The exhibition will continue to focus on new technologies, problems and challenges in the water treatment industry, advocate new technologies and new ideas, and build core competitiveness products based on science and technology, environmental protection, green and energy conservation. Large-scale technical forums on environmental protection, wastewater treatment, and recycling.

Attractive: The show attracts nearly 10,000 agents, manufacturers, distributors, engineers, consultants, contractors, experts, developers and government procurement agencies from Asia and the Middle East each year, bringing together new technologies And new solutions, but also seek new cooperation and business opportunities.

Large market demand: Vietnam's water industry has huge market potential. In many countries and regions in Southeast Asia, water supply and water treatment technologies cannot keep up with the rapid development of the city. At the same time, water pollution is also serious, causing major concern of the government. The exhibition is also one of the important platforms to expand the market of water treatment industry in Southeast Asia.

We will attend VIETWATER  Exhibition.