How Pressure Affects Filter Press Equipment

- Apr 26, 2019-

For the structure of filter press, the main place where the filtering separation takes place is in the filter chamber, which is composed of a piece of filter plate and a filter cloth with inclusions in the middle. To separate solid and liquid, it is necessary to require the filter chamber to form a closed environment and to withstand a certain resistance. Therefore, a vertical force is added to the filter plate to form a closed environment. The pressure acting on the filter plate is called the pressure of the filter plate. Through this introduction, we know that the function of this pressure on the equipment is to make the filter liquid form a closed environment, when the pressure changes, it will affect the bearing capacity of the filter chamber, and ultimately affect the working capacity of the filter press equipment.


When this strong pressure acts on the filter plate, we must ensure that the direction of pressure action is in line with the central point of the filter plate of the filter chamber, so that each point of the filter plate can receive a uniform force, so as to prevent the leakage of the filter chamber because of the uneven force, and if the long-term force of the filter plate is uneven, it will cause the local deformation of the filter plate. In serious cases, the filter plate will burst and cause unpredictable damage.


As a filter press, the pressure on the filter plate can also be transferred to the filter fluid through the filter plate, thus increasing the kinetic energy of the filter fluid, allowing the liquid to pass through the filter cloth faster, properly increasing the workload of the equipment, and increasing the efficiency of the equipment.