Important Application Filter Press In Coal Industry

- Apr 13, 2019-

Press filter is an important equipment for closed-circuit recycling of recycling and washing water in coal and slurry plants. With the vigorous development of mechanical industry, the performance of press filter is constantly improving. The industry is constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new, and has gradually formed four development trends:


1. Integrate various methods of solid-liquid separation and dehydration, increase the pressure of filtration, extrusion and blowing under possible conditions, and use simple and feasible methods to adjust product moisture to meet user's requirements.


2. The filter press with simple structure, small volume and light weight has a short cycle time but a high processing capacity.


3. Design working parts with the idea of minimum moving space, reduce energy consumption, save time, reduce maintenance, reduce costs, and greatly improve the life of parts.


4. Simple and reliable control system. The washable compartment can be divided into cross wash, blind wash and side wash. Different materials have different ways of washing, different positions of washing holes on the filter plate are different, and the arrangement of the filter plate is also different.