Introduction Of Diaphragm Filter Press

- Nov 16, 2018-

1. Intermittent pressure filtration equipment for solid-liquid separation of various suspensions. The filter press is equipped with a rubber press diaphragm for dewatering the filter cake. The medium that expands the diaphragm may be compressed air (used when it is 0.7 MPa or less) or water (used when it is 0.7 MPa or more).

2. Ultra-high pressure vertical hydraulic filter press: unique filter chamber structure, secondary crushing of sludge, sludge moisture content after pressing is ≤50%; crushing edible oil residual oil rate is low, technology is leading domestically, currently It is the preferred application by many manufacturers.

Sludge conditioning:

Generally, domestic sewage sludge is mechanically dehydrated by adding high-molecular polymer. It is generally treated by “tempering and tempering”. There are various methods for quenching and tempering, such as “thermal hydrolysis” and “hydrothermal drying”. Wet oxidation" and so on, there are physical methods, such as ultrasound, microwave, etc., the most is the chemical method, by adding some inorganic chemical salts (agents), can change the polarity of the sludge molecule charge, increase particle porosity, improve Effects such as filter press characteristics. The most common and cheapest technology on the market today is the combination of “sludge chemical conditioning + filter press treatment”.