Effect of Oil on Press Filter

- Apr 30, 2019-

For the filter press, when it is used, it needs the auxiliary role of oil, which plays an important role in lubrication, anti-wear, media and other important roles in the operation of the equipment.


Because most of the equipments in the filter press market now use hydraulic system to exert pressure on the filter plate, so the hydraulic system is the most suitable in this line of equipment. With the hydraulic system, hydraulic oil will naturally be used, and the proportion of hydraulic oil is the largest in one equipment, accounting for about 90%. There are many types of hydraulic oil in the market, and the low-temperature hydraulic oil is suitable for filter press equipment, which not only guarantees strong pressure resistance, but also makes the temperature rise of the liquid not fast and does not cause damage to the equipment. Hydraulic oil forms a circulation movement in the hydraulic system. The oil pump pumps the oil from the storage area to the hydraulic press. Through the continuous increase of the hydraulic volume, it achieves the phenomenon we need. Therefore, hydraulic oil plays a role as a medium in the equipment.


In addition to hydraulic oil, equipment needs a small amount of lubricating oil. Because the two parts need to move, which is to produce friction, lubricating oil is needed to play the role of lubrication and protection, so as to ensure that the equipment can work normally, smoothly and accurately, and escort the equipment.

So oil is a very learned thing for filter press.