Membrane-Bioreactor Process (MBR Process)

- Jul 04, 2019-

          MBR process is a new wastewater treatment technology which combines membrane separation technology with biotechnology. It uses membrane separation equipment to intercept activated sludge and macromolecule organic matter in biochemical reaction tank and save secondary sedimentation tank. As a result, the concentration of activated sludge is greatly increased. The hydraulic retention time (HRT) and sludge retention time (SRT) can be controlled separately, while the refractory substances are continuously reacted and degraded in the reactor.

          Therefore, MBR process greatly strengthens the function of bioreactor through membrane separation technology. Compared with traditional biological treatment method, it has the advantages of high biochemical efficiency, strong resistance to load impact, stable effluent quality, small area, long sludge discharge period and easy to realize automatic control. It is one of the most advanced new technologies of waste water treatment at present.