Permeation Of Press Filter In Filtration

- Apr 16, 2019-

In the filtration process of filter press, let's talk about why the filter press leaks. The filter press is a filtration system composed of frame, filter plate and filter cloth.


When the manufacturer manufactures filter press, the surface of filter plate is milled by NC milling machine. Before leaving the factory, the filter press also carries out empty machine water test. It is theoretically impossible to leak, and the leaking period we say is after the customer loads the filter cloth. After the arrival of the new machine, the manufacturer loaded the new filter cloth to carry out the material filtration process. At that time, the guest responded that the leakage occurred and asked us what was the matter.


At this time, we have to learn to judge, first, whether the filter press is pressed, how much pressure is pressed, whether it reaches the use pressure.


Secondly, whether the filter cloth is placed smoothly or not, and whether foreign bodies are pressed in, the common foreign body is the filter cloth binding line.


Thirdly, if the machine is of undercurrent type, whether the undercurrent holes of the filter cloth are aligned or not, if one hole is not aligned, will affect the whole machine effluent.


Another reason is that it is a new filter cloth, the longitude and latitude of the filter cloth is large, after several times of use, the material will block the gap, and will not leak.