Plate And Frame Filter Press Cause Of Damage

- Apr 08, 2019-

In the filter work, the filter cloth is the main filter medium of various filtering equipment, which has a very critical influence on the normal operation of the filter. It is said that the problems such as breakage, folding and wrinkling of the filter cloth in the working process will affect the filtration efficiency of the equipment and bring certain losses to the enterprises. Filter cloth folding phenomenon is often caused by incorrect pairs, but at the same time tension insufficient could lead to a filter cloth wrinkles, while the filter is equipped with a filter cloth tension increase the rotation of the wheel, but also need other aggravating the round. The rollers are provided with a slot for heavy use. Sometimes the deposited solids on the filter roller or sliding adjustment block can cause the filter cloth to be dislocated and fold. In this case, the filter should be stopped first, and the rollers and sliding adjustment blocks should be cleaned thoroughly. Start the drive and adjust the filter cloth to tighten the balance sheet. Then observe the buildup of solids during normal operation of the filter. If necessary, rinse off the remaining solids with more water flushing.


The plate frame pressure filter is theoretically impossible to dry completely, only to understand that the feeding process is finished, judging from the following two points:


1. Feeding pressure has been set to the upper pressure limit;


2. The discharge volume of filter plate is significantly reduced. To further reduce the water content of the filter cake.


Can take the following two ways to dry the sludge: 1. Raise incoming pressure (the pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is sufficient); 2. Press the air to remove moisture.


Causes the plate frame pressure filter plate itself to be damaged


1, when the sludge thickening or dry piece of legacy, will cause the feeding mouth blockage, the filter plate between the medium was not only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself, the plate itself due to compression of long time easy to cause damage;


2. When the supply is insufficient or the solid particles are not suitable for the feed, the plate frame itself is too stressed to be damaged;


3. If the flow outlet is blocked or activated when the outlet is blocked or activated, the pressure is nowhere to be leaked, causing damage.


4, filter plate cleaning not net, sometimes resulting in leakage of medium, once leaks, plate and frame edge will be washed out along a small ditch, medium pressure caused by the high number of leaks cannot rise, mud cake cannot be formed.


Press filter installation and debugging six long strides


What does filter press installation debug need to notice?


1. The filter press should be installed on flat concrete. The foot of the feed end is fixed on the base; The support ends without the anchor bolt, or the anchor bolt is positioned with two nuts, the nut gasket is properly spaced between the holder and the foot can be retractable. Before positioning the installation personnel should correct the vertical degree of the horizontal surface of the beam and the thrust plate.


2. The structure of the foundation shall be designed by the construction engineers according to the load condition of the equipment, and the anchor bolts shall be filled twice with the reserved holes.


3. There should be sufficient operation and maintenance space around the filter press, and the hydraulic pressure filter should select the appropriate position to place the hydraulic station to ensure the hydraulic station can work properly.


4. Press the filter plate according to work requirement, and arrange the feeding, washing and drainage pipeline. Equipped with a filter pressure display table and a reflux channel that controls filter pressure. If the diaphragm is squeezed, the compressed air line is arranged.


5, hydraulic filter press, hydraulic station infuse cleaner fuel tank # 20-40 # hydraulic machine oil, using temperature > - 5 ; If environment temperature is low, can choose similar viscosity, low freezing point hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil must be added by 80-100 mesh filter.


6. Mechanical or hydraulic pressure tightening device, connect the power starting motor to work correctly. Hydraulic clamping pressure gauge should be rising steadily, hydraulic system no discharge phenomenon, according to the model size correctly adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic pressure station, after commissioning if found insufficient oil storage tank should be added.