Plate And Frame Filter Press Of The Separation Effect

- Dec 18, 2018-

Plate and frame filter for solid and liquid separation. Compared with other solid-liquid separation equipment, the filter cake after filtration has a higher solid content and excellent separation effect. The basic principle of solid-liquid separation is: the mixture flows through the filter medium (filter cloth), Plate And Frame Filter Press solid stay in the filter cloth, and gradually stacked on the filter cloth to form a filter cake. And the filtrate portion permeates the filter cloth and becomes a solid-free solution.


With the filtration process, the filter cake began to filter, mud cake thickness gradually increased, increased filtration resistance. The longer the filtration time, the higher the separation efficiency. Specially designed filter cloth can be retained particle size less than 1μm particles. Plate And Frame Filter Press In addition to the excellent separation effect and the high solidification rate of the cake, the filter press can provide a further separation process in which the filter cake can be effectively washed during the filtration process so that the valuable material can be recovered And a high purity filter cake can be obtained.


Plate and frame filter press by the alternating arrangement of the filter plate and filter frame to form a group of filter room. The surface of the filter plate has a groove, Plate And Frame Filter Press which protrudes to support the filter cloth. Filter box and filter plate on the corner through the hole, assembled to form a complete channel, can access the suspension, washing water and lead the filtrate. Board, box on both sides of the handle on the beam, by the compression device compression plate, box. The filter between the plate and the box acts as a gasket. The suspension is pressed into the filter chamber by a feed pump, and the filter residue is formed on the filter cloth until it is filled with the filter chamber. The filtrate through the filter cloth and along the filter plate groove flow to the frame corner channel, Plate And Frame Filter Press concentrated discharge. Filtration is completed, can be washed into the washing detergent washing residue. After washing, the compressed air is sometimes passed to remove the remaining washing liquid. Then open the filter press to remove the residue, clean the filter cloth, re-press the plate, and start the next working cycle.


The plate and frame filter presses are suitable for large or nearly compressible compressibility. The concentration of the solid particles of the suitable suspension is generally 10% or less, Plate And Frame Filter Press and the operating pressure is generally 0.3 to 0.6 MPa, particularly up to 3 MPa or more. The filter area can be increased or decreased with the number of panels used. The frame is usually square, the inner edge of the filter box is 320 ~ 2000mm, the frame thickness is 16 ~ 80mm, the filter area is 1 ~ 1200. Plate And Frame Filter Press Plate and frame with manual spiral, electric screw and hydraulic pressure. Plate and frame with wood, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, polypropylene and rubber and other materials manufacturing, petrochemical plant is a polypropylene material filter plate.