Problems Easily Neglected In Using Press Filter

- Apr 10, 2019-

The operation of filter press is not complicated, but it must follow the correct method to achieve satisfactory filtering effect.


1. Be careful not to use the filter press when the number of filter plates is less than the prescribed number, so as to avoid damage to the machine parts. Before adding filtrate, pay attention to check the arrangement of filter plates to prevent serious leakage; and after discharging cake, the filter plates must be tightly arranged.


2. Filtration can only be carried out after normal debugging of filter presses, and the equipment should be thoroughly checked before each shift. Mechanical compaction transmission parts and reducer should be lubricated enough; hydraulic compaction review tank storage capacity and hydraulic station working pressure, pay attention to hydraulic oil in general need to be replaced once a year, if found in the middle of less hydraulic oil, add in time, when replacing hydraulic oil, pay attention to the hydraulic system to be fully cleaned, hydraulic station working pressure is less than the maximum working pressure of the cylinder. But at least not lower than the rated filter pressure, because too small will cause greater leakage, too large will damage the machine parts.


3. When the equipment is working properly, it can press the filter plate for pressure filtration. The pressure and temperature must be within the prescribed range. Excessive high temperature will cause leakage. If the temperature is too high, it will easily cause the deformation of plastic filter plate. When the suspension is fed, the concentration of suspension should be uniform. Do not mix with impurities; after discharging cake, the filter cloth and the filter plate must be washed clean, and no residue can be pasted into the sealing surface or the feeding channel, otherwise it will affect the smooth flow of materials and the sealing of the filter plate, which will cause the pressure imbalance on both sides of the filter plate, leading to the deformation and damage of the filter plate.


4. The selection of filter cloth must meet the filter technical requirements. The new filter cloth should shrink before installation. The aperture diameter should be smaller than the aperture of the filter plate. When matching the filter plate, the aperture should be relatively concentric with the aperture of the plate, and the feeding hole should be close to the wall of the cylinder. Otherwise, it will cause unclear filtration, low filtration rate and the rupture of the cloth barrel, which will not meet the expected filtering purpose.