Protection And Replacement Of Press Filter Plate

- May 14, 2019-

As for the filter press, the filter plate is relatively simple wear and tear some, users should regularly protect and replace the filter plate of the filter press. So, in the process of protecting or replacing the filter plate, what kind of filter plate is qualified? What needs our attention?

First of all, the necessary conditions for replacing the new filter plate are basically the same size as the matching filter plate of the initial equipment. These conditions include the length, width and thickness of the filter plate. If there are errors, it will cause the filter plate to move when it is placed on the cross beam of the equipment, even if it may not be put in, and then seriously affect the whole operation of the filter press.

Second, to investigate the holes in the filter plate, because the current filter plate is forged by hot processing of polypropylene, and then the initial data of the filter plate must be heated before it can be used, so the filter plate in the forging process is very simple to form holes, when such holes reach a fixed space or quantity, so the filter plate is not a qualified commodity.

Third, investigate the depth of the filter plate depression. The depth of the filter plate depression determines the workload of each clearance cycle of the equipment (the deeper the filter plate is, the greater the workload is each time), but it is not the deeper the better, but the depth of the filter plate depression exceeds the ability of the filter plate itself to accept strong pressure, the filter plate will be easy to crack or damage, and even can form the burst, injury and life of the filter plate.

In the process of protecting or replacing the new filter plate, it is necessary to ensure that these aspects are in accordance with the specifications, as long as the appropriate filter plate can assist the filter press to achieve the desired working efficiency.