Sewage Treatment Status: Demand Trend Of Deep Sludge Dewatering Equipment

- Jul 02, 2019-

         In recent years, the problem of water pollution has become increasingly prominent, which has a serious impact on people's normal production and living water use, and even poses a threat to people's health. Therefore, urban residents should pay more attention to improving the utilization rate of water resources and the recycling of water resources. Sewage, as an important pillar of environmental protection industry, should be paid more attention to. Wastewater treatment industry is developing vigorously in China, and the technology of sewage treatment plant construction, operation and management has been greatly improved. However, with the large-scale construction of municipal sewage treatment plants, sludge, as a subsidiary product of sewage treatment plants, has attracted more and more attention.
        Recently, a sewage treatment plant in Shanghai has purchased a sludge deep dewatering equipment, ultra-high pressure sludge dryer, which is used to treat the sludge produced by the sewage treatment plant. The daily treatment capacity is tens of tons. After treatment, the water content of the sludge is about 40%. The sludge dewatering efficiency is three times that of the ordinary sludge filter press.           
        Sludge treatment and disposal is an indispensable part of water pollutant reduction. It is showing great business opportunities. In the future, the market scale of sludge treatment will reach 80 billion yuan. Different sludge disposal routes will have different process combinations, but various technical routes will ultimately undergo environmental, economic and market tests.