Successful Development Of Sludge Carbonization Device

- Jul 02, 2019-

        11th Institutes of 6th academies of Aerospace Science and Technology Group of China,recently,have successfully developed a sludge carbonization device, which adopts advanced dry carbonization structure. This device can achieve nearly zero discharge of secondary pollutants such as dust and nitrogen oxides in sludge treatment process, and can truly realize "waste control" and "waste into treasure".
          Aiming at the problems of high cost and secondary pollution of traditional sludge treatment,the developers carries out pretreatment and carbonization of sludge through repeated research and experiments.The sludge carbonized is rich in organic matter and nutrients, and can be used for forest tending, poor soil improvement and cash crop fertilizer, etc. Combustible gases produced during carbonization can be recycled as self-drying carbonized fuel.This will effectively reduce energy consumption and greatly reduce costs.At present, the first integrated treatment unit has been successfully tested.It can realize 5-10 tons of sludge treatment every day.