The Role Of Filter Plate In Press Filter Equipment

- Apr 07, 2019-

The filter plate is one of the core components of the press. What role and significance does the filter plate play in operation? Let's take a look at the three important functions of the filter plate of the filter press.

Firstly, the filter plate can increase the effective area of the filter chamber wall, thereby increasing the contact area between the filter cloth and the mixture, and enhancing the filtering efficiency of the filter press. As everyone who knows something about the structure of the filter chamber of pressure filter knows, the filter plate divides the filter chamber into one filter chamber, and the filter cloth is attached to the filter plate. Increasing the wall of the filter chamber is equal to increasing the effective area of the filter cloth and achieving the purpose of increasing the filter efficiency. It's like planting three-dimensional crops on a limited area to maximize the use of sunlight.


Secondly, the filter plate can create an effective space to store the filter cake. The filter plate of the filter press is hollow on both sides, so that the space between the two pieces is used to store the filter residue intercepted by the filter cloth. Blind spots are also used on the bottom of the filter plate to increase the friction between the filter plate and the filter cake so as to better support the filter cake.


Finally, the filter plate can press the hydraulic pressure and extrude the filter cake. In order to leach the filtrate from the filter cloth, it is necessary to form an effective pressure difference between the two sides of the filter cloth, so that the liquid in the solid-liquid mixture can leach out. So the equipment needs to apply an external force to the most mixture, and then the filter plate acts as the concrete implementer, transferring the pressure provided by the hydraulic press to the liquid. When the cake needs to be extruded and dried twice, the pressure of the filter press is increased again. This pressure also needs to be implemented through the filter plate.


These are the three functions of the filter plate in the filter press, which shows the importance of the filter plate in the process of the filter press.