Factors Influencing the Filtration Efficiency of Press Filter

- Mar 29, 2019-

Usually when we buy filter press, we mainly consider the service life and quality of the filter press. We know that the service life of the filter press is related to the performance and operation method of the filter press. Enterprises should pay attention to the operation method and maintenance of the equipment when they operate the filter press. So, what are the factors that affect the filter efficiency of the press?


For filter press, the water content of filter cake and the interception rate of filter cloth are the main indexes to measure the filter quality. The lower the moisture content of filter cake, the better the filter quality. Of course, this is not absolute. Enterprises can determine the moisture content of filter cake according to the production demand of enterprises when using filter press. As long as it meets the production demand of enterprises, it is a good filter press.


Press filter equipment mainly relies on filter cloth to separate solid and liquid from each other in mixed liquids. Press filter only provides a suitable filter structure for filter cloth. The filter cloth itself has filter holes of a certain size. The diameter of these holes marks the initial interception ability of the filter cloth and is expressed by the number of meshes of the filter cloth.


However, in actual operation, the interception ability of filter cloth is affected by some external factors, such as the breakage of filter cloth, which will affect the production quality of filter press. When the filter cloth wears or solidifies, the filter quality of the filter press will be reduced. If the filter cloth is damaged seriously, the filtered liquid is prone to turbidity.


Through the above analysis, we can see that the filter quality of the filter press is affected by the moisture content of cake and the interception ability of filter cloth. Therefore, when using the filter press, enterprises should do a good job in the maintenance of filter cloth and ensure the interception efficiency of filter cloth, so as to effectively guarantee the filter quality of the filter press and improve the filter efficiency of the filter press.