The Unit Area Of Filter Press Is Proportional To The Treatment Capacity

- May 04, 2019-

The process of concentrating or digesting sludge to reduce or remove water and converting it into semi-solid or solid sludge cake is called sludge dewatering. After dewatering, sludge water content can generally be reduced to 70% to 85%, depending on the nature of sludge and sediment and the effectiveness of dewatering equipment. Further dewatering of sludge means that the sludge is dried, and the moisture content of the dried sludge is usually less than 20%. The dewatering methods mainly include the natural drying method and the mechanical dewatering method of the box filter press.

The advantage of van filter press is continuous operation, so it has high processing capacity per unit area and low power consumption. When flocculants are selected and used, the water content of the product is low. In addition, it has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation and small area.

The box filter press is a continuous dewatering device with simple structure and convenient operation. Van filter press has been widely used to treat various sludge, coal preparation products, hydrometallurgical residues, pipeline materials, and prepare to filter metal concentrates.