Three Possible Reasons For The Turbidity Of Filter Press

- Apr 12, 2019-

What happens when the filter press finds the filtrate turbid after filtering? The filtered liquid is still turbid, which may be the presence of particulate matter in the liquid. Basically, it can be judged that there are some problems in the filter cloth, mainly in the following three cases.


First, the breakage of the filter cloth. We all know that the filter cloth is usually woven by various fibers, just like cloth, so the filter cloth is soft and ductile. It is precisely because of this, how the filter cloth is in dry work or in storage, it is very easy to destroy the filter cloth, such as being punctured by hard objects, such as being punctured by cake, etc. When the filter cloth is broken, there will be a large number when the equipment is running. The solid passes through the filter cloth from the rupture, and flows out of the drainage system of the equipment. The filtered liquid of the natural equipment is still in a turbid state.


Secondly, the filter cloth retracts between the filters. For filter press equipment, in order to work normally, it is necessary to ensure that the two sides of the filter cloth must form a separate space, so the edge of the filter cloth must be pressed on the edge of the filter cloth, and the filter cloth is often larger than the filter plate. Generally, it is afraid that the filter cloth will shrink back into the filter plate due to the expansion of the filter cake in the working process, so that the filter cloth is equivalent to rupture. Naturally, this phenomenon occurs.


Thirdly, the size of the filter cloth is too small. Number of meshes is an important parameter for filter cloth. It indicates the size of filter holes existing in the filter cloth. The smaller the number of meshes, the larger the filter holes existing in the filter cloth. When the filter holes are larger than the solid that needs to be intercepted, a lot of solid particles pass through the filter cloth in a normal way, which eventually leads to the filtered liquid remaining cloudy.


In daily maintenance and inspection work, we need to record the status of filter cloth. Comparatively speaking, filter cloth is easy to wear and tear in filter press components. We need to check regularly and renew it in time to ensure the filtering effect.