To Confirm The Filter Plate Quality Of Filter Press

- Apr 03, 2019-

Filter plate is an important part of filter press. The quality of filter plate is related to the final effect of solid-liquid separation. In the process of choosing filter press, how can we distinguish the quality of filter plate?

First of all, the necessary conditions for the newly bought filter plate are basically the same size as the matching filter plate of the original equipment. These conditions include the length, width and thickness of the filter plate. If there is a deviation, it will cause the filter plate to move left and right when it is placed on the cross beam of the equipment. It may even be unable to put it in during the filtration process, thus seriously affecting the overall operation of the filter press.


Secondly, the holes in the filter plate are made by polypropylene hot-working casting, so it is necessary to heat the original material of the filter plate before it can be used, so it is easy to create holes in the process of casting. When the holes reach a certain space or quantity, the filter plate is not a qualified product.


Then, the depth of the filter plate depression. The depth of the filter plate depression determines the workload of each clearance cycle of the equipment (usually the depth of the filter plate is about deep, the greater the workload each time), but it is not the deeper the better, but when the depth of the filter plate depression exceeds the ability of the filter plate itself to withstand strong pressure, the filter plate will be fragile or damaged, and even cause sudden cracking, injury and life of the filter plate.


Through the quality of the filter plate, we can also indirectly infer the quality of the filter press. If the quality of the filter plate can not be guaranteed, the overall quality of the equipment is even more doubtful. I hope that you can check and compare before choosing the appropriate filter press.