Two Conditions For Normal Operation Of Filter Press

- Apr 22, 2019-

There are two major requirements for the normal operation of the filter press, that is, the closure of the filter chamber and the pressure difference. For the filter press equipment hardware, except the filter chamber is a little special, the rest can generally run normally. Only the filter chamber, which is arranged by a separate filter plate and filter cloth, must form a filter chamber under sufficient pressure, and also form a closed space that can withstand certain reaction force. If the formation mechanism of the filter chamber can not bear the reaction force of the filtrate, a large number of filtrate will naturally leak out from the crevice, and all the filters will come out. Without the filtered liquid, the separation of solid and liquid will not occur naturally. Then the basic function of the filter press can not be realized, let alone the work of the equipment. Therefore, the necessary condition for the filter press equipment to work is to achieve the closure of the filter chamber.

In addition to the need for a closed filter structure, pressure difference is formed on both sides of the filter cloth. When the filter fluid is in an environment with pressure difference, because of the nature of the liquid, it naturally spreads from a high pressure environment to a low pressure environment, which provides a motive force relative to the liquid. With the special effect of the filter cloth, the real liquid is the solid which has the motive force to pass through the filter cloth and leach out, but cannot pass through the filter cloth, and is intercepted naturally. The other side of the filter cloth. If the pressure difference can not be formed on both sides of the filter cloth, even if the filter liquid contacts with the filter cloth, the benefit of filtration and separation occurs every time, so the pressure difference is the necessary condition for the equipment to work.

Understanding the necessary conditions, operating principles, operating specifications and other details of the operation of the filter press is the first step to correct operation of the equipment. Many friends are anxious to operate the equipment without specific learning process, and will form some erroneous habits. Such a process should be avoided as far as possible. Learning, digesting, understanding, and then exploring the operation will enable better use of the equipment.