What Is The Difference Between Open And Undercurrent Drainage Of Filter Press

- Apr 02, 2019-

When you buy the filter press equipment, you will see a group of letters "A" and "M" on the nameplate, which means that the drainage way of the filter press is different, "A" represents undercurrent drainage, while "M" represents open drainage. They are the initials of "dark" and "bright".


What's the difference between bright and dark currents in practice?


When the open-flow filter press is filtering, the filtered liquid will inevitably pollute or mix impurities again in the bad environment of the filter press. Therefore, the underflow filter press is used to maintain the work done before the filter press, and a closed environment is planned to ensure that the filter fluid is not polluted. Therefore, the open-flow filter press can only use those jobs which need solid after filtration of solid-liquid mixture, such as metallurgy, ore, etc., while the underflow filter press can be used in some occupations which need high liquid after filtration, such as medicine, biology and so on. This is the difference between open and dark currents of filter press.


Usually, the filter press uses open-flow drainage. When the filter fluid passes through the filter chamber, it passes directly through the drainage pipe under the filter plate, and passes through the tap to discharge directly outside the equipment. The filter press equipment of undercurrent is a system of collecting filtrate under the tap, which gathers the filtered plan through the pipeline. The conventional method is to connect the faucet under the filter plate of the filter press with a sealed hose, and a bigger one under the hose is planned to connect with all hoses, so that the liquid and good maintenance can be achieved. Dark flow filter press is usually used for toxic, odorous, volatile and flammable materials.


Through the above introduction, the difference between open and undercurrent is clear at a glance, and how to deal with filtered liquids is also a reasonable planning, after all, this is closely related to the next process, according to the treatment of different substances, bright and undercurrent have their own advantages and disadvantages, I hope you can choose the right one.