Which Model Is Better Is The Dehydration Filter Press, See Here To Know!

- May 06, 2020-


There are currently three types of dewatering filter presses on the market: 

one is a manual plate and frame dewatering filter press, 

one is a fully automatic chamber dewatering filter press, 

and the other is a semi-automatic chamber dewatering filter press.


The manual plate and frame dehydration filter press is composed of a filter part composed of a filter frame, a filter cloth, a filter plate and a filter plate filter cloth, and a frame part that presses the filter part, and each hole of the thrust plate end is respectively a feed hole, into the washing liquid hole, the filtrate is discharged from the liquid collecting hole, the washing liquid is discharged from the liquid collecting hole, etc.


The automatic dehydration filter press adds an automatic process on the original basis, which can automatically unload the filter cake, and the automatic filter cake unloading of other domestic companies is targeted. This product of our company can be applied to the difficulty of different filter cakes. All products with high viscosity do not require manual operation and realize full automation.

XAMZGF1250-UB K.jpg

Semi-automatic plate and frame dewatering filter press has high production efficiency, large filtering capacity and good quality of juice, which is very important for the industrial market now. The hydraulic control check valve enables the hydraulic cylinder to be locked for a long time after the filter plate is pressed, and the hydraulic station motor can work intermittently to save power.

XAZGF-1500 1.jpg

In addition to the production of plate and frame dewatering filter presses, our company also has: diaphragm dewatering filter presses, chamber dewatering filter presses, stainless steel dewatering filter presses, etc., plate and frame dewatering filter presses are highly compressible or almost incompressible The suspension has good applicability. Different working methods and different models of dehydration filter press work efficiency is also different, so please purchase according to demand.