Environmental protection field

Municipal waste water, dredging sludge desulfurization water, slurry of waterworks, slurry of sea water desalination, peinting and dyeing wastewater leather sewage, waste water of papermaking, wast water of iron steel industry, electroplating wastewater, Desulfurizationand denitrification of waste water chemical slurry, smelting waste water, slurry of food industy, pharmacy sewage water.

Chemical Industry

Etroleum chemical indutry, Chemical fiber, Inorganic salts, Chlor-alkali, dye, Pigment, paint, Titanium dioxide, powder, White carbon black, Phosphor, silicon Carbide, Water purifying agent, Activated carbon, Pesticide, Catalyst, Fluorine chemicalindustry, Lithium chemicals, Nickel and cobalt chemical, Phosphorus chemical inustry, Coal chemical industry.

Mineral, smelting areas

Nonferrous metallorgy(Gold, silver, copper, zinc, lead, nickel, cobalt, titanium, aluminum, aluminum, magnesium, calcium, barium, tungsten, molybdenum, lithium), Ferrous metals(iron, manganese), rare earth, head coal, tail coal.

Non-mine industry

Kaoli, bentonite, activated white clay, china clay, diatomaceous earth, clay, granite, feldspar, mica, graphite, gypsum, talc, fluorite, Wollastonite, quartz sand mine salt, postassium, magnesium, boron, phosphorus ore, pyrite.

Pharmaceutical industry

Antibiotics, Calcium phytate, inositol, Glucoamylase, Chinese medicine, Pharmaceutical intermediates.

Food Industry

Vegtable oil, monosodium glutamate, glucose, starch, Sodium cyclamate, Sweetening agents, rice noodle, yeast, plant protein, Flavors and fragrances, seaweeed, agar, Carrageenan, enegy saving glue, Xanthan gum, wine, beverage, Food additives.