4hg1, Npr, 5876100790, 8971695340 Isuzu Bvp Clutch Pressure Plate

4hg1, Npr, 5876100790, 8971695340 Isuzu Bvp Clutch Pressure Plate

This series of products are the ones with filter plate dimension of 1000mm*1000mm. They are widely applied to many industries, including chemicals, steel, textile, minerals, medicine ,food ,etc.

Product Details

In order to better develop our Special Filter Cloth, Belt Filter Press Dewatering Wastewater, Gas Storage Tank, we continuously gather high-quality and high-tech talents to form a team of technical talents for development and research. Further more company, the trust is getting there. Communication is the beginning of all services. We welcome to join hands with friends and consumers from all walks of life to share a better life. They are widely favored by customers at home and abroad.

The following are parameters of this series of products.

ItemsMinimum Value
Maximum Value
Filter area(m2)60160
Volume of filter chamber(m3)0.9232.381
Qty of filter plates3797
Size of filter plates(mm)1000*1000
Thickness of filter cake(mm)30
Feeding(Filtering) pressure(MPa)0.61.6
Filter temperature(℃)-10~90
Length of machine(mm)545510033
Width of machine(mm)13702260
Height of machine(mm)1420
Weight of machine(kg)464010580
Reference price(U.S. dollars)9,200

With the continuous improvement of consumers' requirements for products, we continue to introduce new ones, which makes our 4hg1, Npr, 5876100790, 8971695340 Isuzu Bvp Clutch Pressure Plate attracts more and more consumers' attention with its unique structure and performance characteristics. We constantly improve and perfect our products and services so that to create a first-class brand with long-term vitality. Since the establishment of our company, we have continuously developed new products and improved product quality in accordance with market changes and customer requirements.


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