Chinese Famous Brand Dazhang Filter Plate High Quality Filter Plate

Chinese Famous Brand Dazhang Filter Plate High Quality Filter Plate

This series of products are the ones with filter plate dimension of 1000mm*1000mm. They are widely applied to many industries, including chemicals, steel, textile, minerals, medicine ,food ,etc.

Product Details

We always pursue to keep pace with the world technology, develop generation after generation of superior PP Membrane Explosion Proof Press Filter, 1000mm Series Chamber Filter Press, Screw Conveyor Of Filter Press with low price, and enhance the core competitiveness. Our company has always insisted on creating developing roads with technology, establishing the market by quality, and has a complete and scientific quality management system. We are guided by the employment policy of meritocracy, and we have absorbed a large number of people with both ability and political integrity for corporate purposes. The pursuit of excellence is our consistent corporate spirit, and always leading is our goal of sustainable development! We will keep pace with the times, pioneer and innovate to meet the needs of our customers.

The following are parameters of this series of products.

ItemsMinimum Value
Maximum Value
Filter area(m2)60160
Volume of filter chamber(m3)0.9232.381
Qty of filter plates3797
Size of filter plates(mm)1000*1000
Thickness of filter cake(mm)30
Feeding(Filtering) pressure(MPa)0.61.6
Filter temperature(℃)-10~90
Length of machine(mm)545510033
Width of machine(mm)13702260
Height of machine(mm)1420
Weight of machine(kg)464010580
Reference price(U.S. dollars)9,200

Many years of experience in the import and export of Chinese Famous Brand Dazhang Filter Plate High Quality Filter Plate has laid the foundation for our understanding of domestic and foreign product standards and quality. We take the road of combining scientific research and production firmly. Employees are the core of enterprise value creation, so our company respect employees and wish to develop together with them.


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